Open Daily 10:30 - 5 pm
Open Daily 10:30 - 5 pm
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Because Details Matter:

With love for vintage

and a modern sensibility,

Blu Canoe came to be.  

With each new season

comes new arrivals.

Our antiques, decor, gifts, and lifestyle goods,

are carefully hand-selected for Blu Canoe.

Our shop is small and cozy and filled to the brim. 
And in true collected style,
we embrace and showcase small makers and creatives
who have honed their craft, and we strive to offer
the best of the best. 
A visit to our nostalgic island location
will get you in the mood for a long weekend
or a quiet evening at home.
And when you stop in, we'll show you what we love
and we hope you will love it too.

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